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About Me


Wonderlust: "the desire to be in a constant state of wonder"...

For as long as I can remember I loved to contemplate moments with a camera, family members, small details, people passing by or going about their daily lives - especially when people are not aware of me capturing their expressions and moments.

Knowing my life will soon change because new opportunities in the distant shores of Gran Canaria I started to take steps to realize my dream of becoming a professional photographer. In 2012, I traveled to New York where I completed my Photography studies at International Center of Photography.

Every Photo shoot brings new challenges, that’s why I feel it’s important to meet people before shooting to feel their essence, their smiles, their eyes, we are all unique and so are our personalities and emotions and this translates differently to the intimate nature of a photograph.

My main tools while photographing are the use of natural light, composition and shoot organically in a fun way to give people freedom that will capture their intimate selves.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela and now a happy resident of Gran Canaria where I have fallen in love with the island and the continuous flow of new and fascinating people.


Tel: +34 667-969-777


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